Video Submissions and Judging

Rules For Video Submission:

  1. The deadline for submission of video is March 27, 2022 at noon (12 PM).

  1. Video must be 4 MINUTES or LESS in length.

  1. Video must contain introduction with team name and school district(s) that students attend.

  1. Video must contain an explanation of the design process of the Canstructure including (but not limited to) the building process, important structural elements, etc.

  1. Video must contain a description of how the build fits into the theme "Favorite Children's Books."

  1. Video must contain one fact about food insecurity or hunger issues that affect our community.

  1. Video must contain images of both the build process as well as the final structure

Note: To show the final structure, a 360° video taken by walking around the structure is recommended.

  1. Video must contain close-up image of your "sponsor poster."


Note to mobile device users: Click grey box for video submission form.

Thank You Judges for the 5th Annual Canstructure Competition!

Franki Aitken, BCCF

Walter Banta, VOiCEup Berks

Eric Burkey, Burkey Construction

Laura Gluckman, RKL

Ross Heebner, Heeby's

Lori Hoffman, UGI

Rachel Kuhn, VOiCEup Berks

Melissa Shoumlisky, EnerSys

Kevin Terefenko, Arthritis & Joint Replacement Center

Jess Umbenhauer, Helping Harvest Food Bank