2022 Favorite Children's Books

For Canstructure's 5th annual competition, teams designed and built structures to replicate their favorite childhood book.  

Congratulations to the 2022 YVC Canstructure Contest winning team, Penn Bernville Elementary School and the overall runner-up, Hunger Fighters from Wilson School District! Also congratulations to the winner of the beginner level teams, Northwest Elementary school, the winner of the intermediate level teams, Olivet Club at West Reading Elementary and the winner of the Fan Favorite voting, Penn Bernville Elementary! 

Beginner Teams

Northeast Middle School (Reading)

Sponsored by High Industries

Northwest Middle School  (Reading)

Sponsored by High Industries

Schuylkill Valley Middle School Team #1

Sponsored by Fox Rothschild

Schuylkill Valley Middle School Team #2

Sponsored by Heeby's

Muhlenberg Middle School

Sponsored by Slouch Inc.

Southern Middle School (Reading)

Sponsored by EnerSys

Reading Rec

Sponsored Heeby's

Intermediate Teams

JLR Young Women's Summit Team

Sponsored by RKL

Olivet Pendora Club

Sponsored by EnerSys

Olivet WREC Club

Sponsored by Performance Toyota

Bethany Children's Home

Sponsored by Performance Toyota

West Reading Elementary School

Sponsored by Performance Toyota

Wyomissing Jr./Sr. High School

Sponsored by New Castle Lawn and Landscape

Experienced Teams

Southwest Middle School

Sponsored by Heeby's

Team "Stronger Together"

Sponsored by Windsor Gardens

Wilson SD "Hunger Fighters"

Sponsored by EnerSys

Penn Bernville Elementary

Sponsored by UGI