Are adults allowed in the build area during the competition?

Adults are only allowed in the build area for the Elementary Division. Intermediate/Middle/High School teams are expected to be able to complete their builds without assistance from adults.

Can youth team members get community service hours for participating?

Yes, YVC provides volunteer opportunities and tracks service hours for children ages 11 to 18. In order to receive credit for the hours volunteers must have their parent or guardian fill out the YVC waiver and the Team Leader must track their attendence and hours.

How often should teams meet?

It's totally up to you! Groups can meet as often as twice a week before the build or only a few times.

How will my team collect enough cans?

There are many ways to collect cans! Examples include holding food drive through the children’s school. Also consider setting up a table outside a local grocery store and asking for donations (please speak to store manager first). Tell them you are collecting cans for the Canstructure Contest and all cans will be given to Helping Harvest Food Bank.

If I do not know anything about building can I still participate?

Absolutely! Youth Volunteer Corps of Reading has partnered with Penn State Berks engineering students to provide virtual STEM education and building support videos .

When will the 2022 competition be held?

Youth Volunteer Corps of Reading will hold its 4th annual Canstructure competition on March 24 - March 27, 2022

Where will the Canstructures be displayed?

The Canstructures will be on display in various locations around Berks. Changes to the competition will allow for the structures to be built at locations determined by each team (e.g., school, church, garage, mall etc.).

Who can participate in Canstructure?

Anyone interested can participate on a team from elementary school through high school!

What else should teams know?

YVC of Reading needs your help with De-canstructure – taking all these cans to Helping Harvest Food Bank the week after the build competition. Teams are encouraged to help with this process by breaking down their structures and uncovering the cans, if they were covered in the build. In addition, teams will be responsible for transporting their cans to Helping Harvest Food Bank.